We manufacture CO2 laser cutting machines ,Fiber  
laser cutting machines,Fiber laser marking machines.

What we do
All the laser cutting and engraving equipment you need, we are in leading position in this field.Standard is an important guarantee for quality of product, laser equipment is no exception.SHARP LASER as a pioneer in laser equipments, who is one of few manufacturers to carry out the stringent specification in this field.
High level laser machines
More accurate,more stable,more lifetime than
average level of laser equipment field.
Support for start of business
Laser cutting machine is a good choice for a
start of new business.

Technical support free
We offer online techinical support,you can find us
whenever you have questions.
shipping service
We offer solution to ship the machine to customers,
they do nothing just waiting the machine coming.
why choose us
We focus on manufacturing high-quality laser equipment, offering service with heart  to help your business , we have been offering excellent  laser cutting and engraving solutions to our customers,waiting for your inquiries.
We have 10 years experience,customers are all over the world.
Gold service
Treating customers as friends with
patience and without delay.
2 year warranty for machine
Good price with good quality.
Laser Solutions
applicable industry
Cutting of sheet metal
Using of fiber laser cutting machine,cutting on
metal is a easy business.
Engraving on Iphone
DIY on back of Iphone
Cutting of acrylic letters
it is widely used in advertising industry.
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